Well Watch Program Information

Well Watch is a community wide program of monitoring wells on school grounds.

The goal of the Well Watch Project is to construct conceptual understandings, 21st Century skills and applications of groundwater science by students and teachers, and to develop an awareness of its past, present and future history.

The WWP (in the Greeley/Weld County area) currently has 16 teachers, 13 schools, 5 school districts and approximately 700 students from fourth grade to high school involved with water quality testing and groundwater geology science.

West Greeley Conservation District, Central Colorado Water Conservancy District, and the Poudre Heritage Alliance are all contributing funding to help with building the program. Leonard Rice Engineers has donated in kind services in building this database.Quality Well and Pump has donated their time and equipment for drilling new wells.

From the two day inservice, teachers from Greeley and neighboring districts that have water wells at their school will receive background groundwater science, well testing protocol, and training on the potential uses of the new web site for logging well water data. This site is part of CCWCD’s own web site and will provide teachers the opportunities to compare data from their own well over time or to compare data with other schools. Our hopes are that this data will be used by more than just teachers as ground water monitoring becomes a much bigger environmental concern.

Activities planned for 2015 include working more with classrooms at their schools, and the drilling of 2 more new wells. A 2 day workshop for educators will be held at the Poudre Learning Center on June 18 and 19. Presented by the American Groundwater Trust and Central Colorado Water Conservancy District, the workshop will include strategies for teaching key surface water and groundwater concepts with a focus on content, analytical techniques, and technology applications. The program content and the instructional approach will serve as the basis for teachers to enhance student learning about the quantity and quality of water resources. More information about the Groundwater Institute can be found at www.ccwcd.org, or www.agwt.org.